Retrospective analysis of the dynamics of changes in the surface water quality in the Western Bug river

  • I V Gopchak
Keywords: river, surface waters, river basin, ecological assessment, water quality, classification


To date, the question of assessing the quality of surface water is extremely relevant. It is necessary to conduct timely monitoring of the quality state of surface waters of river basins and to carry out an analysis with a generalization of information on the status of water bodies, forecasting its changes and developing scientifically substantiated recommendations for making appropriate management decisions in the field of use, protection and reproduction of water resources. Obtaining such information will help: to analyze the processes taking place in the basin and to make possible the adoption of state decisions on the use of surface water and their proper protection; forecasting of qualitative and quantitative changes of water resources in the river basin; carrying out an assessment of the influence of the content of the surface waters of especially harmful substances; Identification and assessment of natural and anthropogenic factors affecting the quality of water; accumulation of data that will determine the strategy of protecting water and improving their condition.

The purpose of the research is to analyze the general trends in water quality changes in the Western Bug River in the retrospective period.

The ecological assessment of surface water quality in the Western Bug River is performed according to systematic observations based on the ecological classification of the quality of surface waters of the land and estuaries of Ukraine, which includes a set of hydrophysical, hydrochemical, hydrobiological and other indicators that reflect the features of the constituent parts of aquatic ecosystems. Output data in accordance with "Methodology of environmental assessment of surface water quality for the relevant categories" were grouped into three blocks of indicators: salt water composition (I1); tropho-saprobiological (ecological and sanitary) block (І2); specific toxic substance (I3).

This is confirmed by the results of previous studies on the integrated integrated assessment of the ecological state of river basins in the works of A.V. Jacyk, Y.V. Gryb. The assessment of the quality of river water and the main ways to improve the ecological status of small rivers in the Western Bug River basin are highlighted in the scientific works of M.R. Zabokritskaya, M.O. Klymenko.

The marked tendencies of changing the quality of river water in the basin of the Western Bug during the long-term observation period are as a result of the mutual influence of natural and anthropogenic factors on the ecological state of surface waters. At the same time, in those places where there was a significant influence of anthropogenic factors, the quality of water was usually worse, and the trophy and saprobity higher.

The ecological assessment of the surface water quality of the West Bug River can be used to determine the main areas of nature conservation activities aimed at improving the ecological situation of water bodies within the basin or its area, assessing the effectiveness of water protection measures carried out, and establishing environmental water quality standards.


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