Parametric reliability of the continental part of the North-Crimean canal

  • I L Goncharuk
Keywords: trunk canal, appropriate water consumption, water separation, operating mode, water accounting, parametric reliability


Goal. The parametric reliability of the irrigation canal is proposed to be estimated by the correlation coefficient of the corresponding water consumption in the hydraulic structures. An increase in the coefficient indicates an increase in parametric reliability. Operation of the mainland of the north-crimean channel (hereinafter referred to as the pac) takes place in conditions of weakening of parametric reliability, occurrence of retaining phenomena, as a result of which hydrotechnical structures lose water-quality properties. Therefore, the development of methods, methods and recommendations for managing the regime of the north-crimean channel in the territory of the Kherson region and improving the water accounting are topical scientific and applied issues.

Methods. Analytical, statistical and correlation analysis.

Results. Operation of the channel is carried out through centralized dispatch control of water consumption at hydraulic structures. The purpose of management is to synchronize with the method of the channel water balance of water flow drainage water through all buildings, to ensure a steady flow of water, to distribute it among consumers "on demand" or "on a plan", to regulate the channel of random fluctuations of water consumption due to technologically justified factors, with the time and space inconsistencies of filing and taking water along the length of the channel. The optimization criterion is the parametric reliability of the water distribution in the channel.The obtained results testify to the close correlation (R2) between water consumption in GS and PS-1 buildings, as well as GS and PS-2 in 2001. Thus, in the past, at least in the section of the North-Crimean canal from the main building to PS-2 (Krasnoperekopsk) maintained a sufficiently significant parametric reliability of water distribution.

Conclusions. The results of the estimation of the parametric reliability of the main section of the North-Crimean Canal indicate that the most appropriate is the centralized control dispatch control of the water balance in a short time interval, taking into account the existing correlation links between the corresponding water consumption in the hydraulic structures.

It is recommended to consider the continental part of the canal as a continuous hit and to regulate its mode of operation, changing the flow of water in the main building.


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