Substantiation of coverage of the canal of a mountain river for protection against flood

  • V I Petrochenko
  • O V Petrochenko
Keywords: mountain river, flood, flood security, protective coverage of the river bed, capital and operational costs


Currently, the design of protective coatings of mountain riverbeds is carried out without proper scientific and methodological substantiation. The designs of the coatings at the stage of their design are developed either with insufficient or with too much stock of their resistance to hydrodynamic loads. In the first case, this results in the destruction of the protective coating. In the second case, we have unnecessarily large construction costs.

The aim of the study is to increase the technical reliability and cost-effectiveness of the projects of protective flood coverings of mountain rivers.

The main task of the research is to develop a methodology for substantiation of technically reliable and economically feasible constructive solutions of protective flood coverings of mountain rivers and calculation of their parameters.

Research methods. In this work systematic and analytical methods of investigating a complex of natural factors that influence the stability of fortifications of mountain river channels to hydrodynamic loads during the origin of floods are used.

Research results. The scientific and practical result of this research is the methodology of substantiation of constructive solutions of protective coverings of mountain rivers and calculation of their parameters. The essence of the methodology and the scientific substantiation of its main provisions are described in 7 sections.

In the first section, the methodical principles for determining the estimated flow of flood flow along the river are given. The flow of flood flow is the basis for the development of a draft flood control of the river bed.


In the second section, the methodical principles for determining the transverse sections of the river bed according to the parameters of the flood are given.

In the third section, according to the criterion of ensuring the economic efficiency of project decisions, the methodical principles of determining the sequence of analysis and substantiation of alternative variants of constructive solutions of protective coatings are given.

In the fourth section the methodical principles of determination of the river sections that do not require protective measures are given.

In the fifth section, the methodical principles for calculating the protective coating of bulk rock materials are given.

In the sixth section, based on the use of D. Bernoulli's equation, the methodical principles of the substantiation of the parameters of the flexible protective coating of the bound design are developed.

In the seventh section, the methodical foundations of the justification of the parameters of the flexible protective cover of the bound design with the additional anchors are given.

The method is proposed for practical application at the design stage of the design of flood protection systems.


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