Keywords: alternative sources of energy, energy efficiency, solar power plants, irrigation systems


Actuality of the problem. The article discusses the current level of use of alternative sources of electrical power in the world. The main areas of the global power development were determined, the statistical data of leading energy companies, analytical international organizations and financial institutions were analysed. For today, all civilized countries successfully switch to alternative energy sources: wind, solar energy, biofuels, etc. In addition, the use of solar energy is one of the most promising inexhaustible, renewable energy sources. The use of renewable energy sources replaces the traditional one, based on extractive technologies polluting the atmosphere with harmful emissions, and enhances the greenhouse effect, reduces the burden on the resource base and energy systems of countries and improves the environment. Sustainable development of the agricultural sector of the economy of Ukraine and, in particular, irrigated agriculture requires a reduction in energy dependence. In the structure of the cost of irrigation water, a significant share accounts for electrical power. That is why to increase the efficiency of irrigated agriculture, to ensure high and sustainable yields in the context of climate change, it is extremely important to reduce the cost of power consumption. The need to use alternative energy sources in the drainage complex of Ukraine as part of the implementation of the energy strategy of Ukraine, aimed at the transition to fficient use and consumption of energy resources is highlighted. The Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation deals with the investigations of measures and technologies to improve power efficiency to reduce the specific energy consumption for pumping water by pumping stations and to reduce the rate of power losses for water intake and water transportation by water supply paths. One of the effective measures to reduce power cost is the use of alternative energy sources, in particular solar energy. The economic potential of the measures for improving energy efficiency in irrigation systems wass estimated. Conclusions. The estimation showed that the use of modules of solar power plants installed above the surface of open irrigation canals will lead to lower energy costs in the face of a constant increase in tariffs, that is, it will help to increase the economic efficiency of irrigation, reduce the share of water resources in national energy consumption and have a positive environmental effect. The sale of surplus power to the energy system at “green” tariffs can significantly reduce the payback period for the modernization of the engineering infrastructure of irrigation systems.

Author Biography

O. O. Dekhtiar, Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation NAAS, Kyiv

Ph.D. in technical  sciences


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Dekhtiar, O. (2019). ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES FOR INCREASING ENERGY EFFICIENCY OF IRRIGATION SYSTEMS. Land Reclamation and Water Management, (2), 105 - 112.

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