Vanished and preserved lakes in Pozniaky area in Kyiv city

Keywords: lake, ecological state, Kyiv, Pozniaky, map, remote sensing


Based on cartographic sources and satellite imagery data, the changes in the hydrographic network in the left-bank part of Kyiv were analyzed. The main attention was paid to Pozniaky and Darnitsa residential districts. It was find out that in the past there were many rivers and lakes in this area, most of which have no longer existed. It was assumed that the disappearance of many water bodies, mentioned in historical sources, may have been caused by climate change, including rising of air temperature since the late 19th century. Another factor was economic activity - first of all, increasing the marks of the area on the eve of the construction of new housing estates and industrial enterprises. In addition, the hydrographic network was influenced by the construction in 1868–1870 of the railway, which cut off on two parts the largest lake Telbyn in this district.

Information on vanished lakes, as well as on those that have been preserved is given. The main attention was paid to two small lakes within the Pozniaky-2 residenal district: Zhandarka and Kachyne. Their size and ecological state were determined. It was find out that the water in the lakes is essentially contaminated with organic matters, which as evidenced by the significant level of chemical oxygen consumption. This is especially true for Kachyne Lake.  which has now become isolated from others. The data on the bottom sediments in these lakes are presented. The characteristic species of aquatic and air-aquatic vegetation are described.Based on remote sensing data, the positive effect of lakes on the microclimate of the area is shown. It was established that the ecological state of most of the remained water bodies is problematic, but their existence enriches the landscape and they are recreational places.  It was made the conclusion that it is advisable to preserve these lakes as natural objects in this area. In the authors’ opinion it is appropriate to create the Cadastre of water bodies of Kyiv as one of the ways to preserve these ones in the city.

Author Biographies

S. A. Shevchuk, Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation NAAS, Kyiv

Ph. D. in technical sciences

O. M. Kozytskyi, Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation NAAS, Kyiv


V. I. Vyshnevskyi, Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation NAAS, Kyiv

Dr. habil. in technical sciences


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Shevchuk, S., Kozytskyi, O., & Vyshnevskyi, V. (2020). Vanished and preserved lakes in Pozniaky area in Kyiv city. Land Reclamation and Water Management, (1), 167 - 174.