Keywords: vertical drainage, well, siphon water pipeline, collecting water well, radius of water level decrease effect, water flow, hydraulic support, infiltration water


Relevance of research. The effectiveness of the anti-filtration protection of the territories on the banks of the Kakhovsky Reservoir within the four protected arrays is analyzed: "Protection of the western region of manganese deposits", "Protection of the city of Nikopol", "Protection of the eastern region of manganese deposits" - on the right bank, and "Protection of the Kamyansky Pod " on the left bank.

 It was determined that airlift drainage systems operate having flow rates considerably lower than the design ones, which leads to increased energy consumption, reduced efficiency and increased groundwater levels, that is the reason of flooding these areas. It was specified that the constant decrease in the flow rate of vertical wells with the airlift drainage system is due to the mudding of their filters by flakes of trivalent iron hydroxide formed as a result of the interaction of compressed air pumped up by the compressors to the wells and the infiltration waters containing excess concentrations of iron bicarbonate in colloidal form.

The purpose of the work: to study the feasibility of replacing a part of low-cost vertical airlift drainage systems with more efficient deep-water pumps of ECW mark, since the existing anti-filter system (AFS) cannot provide the required lowering of infiltration water tables.

Research methodology. The research method involves the use of analytical studies of theoretical materials.

Conclusions. It is proposed to increase the effectiveness of the operation of anti-filtration structures by replacing an airlift drainage system in drainage wells with a siphon drainage system and the use of infiltration waters after additional treatment to meet the household and sanitary-hygienic needs of local population all year round as well as for agricultural needs in spring and summer periods.

Author Biography

V. D. Levytska, Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of NAAS, Kyiv, Ukraine

Ph.D student


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